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  • Brent A Bartley

    Brent A Bartley

    Atypically flawed NYC resident who practices Muay Thai, loves art & recklessly riding a bicycle w/a camera in 1 hand & cell phone in the other. @punchdrunknyc

  • Todd D Magill

    Todd D Magill

  • rylan


  • Jodi Leo

    Jodi Leo

    Restless shaper. Teach at @svaixd and @risd. Research + design at @navapbc. Jovial this magical library!

  • Alisa Clancy

    Alisa Clancy

  • Chad Stoller

    Chad Stoller

    Building brands for clients and teams for agencies for over 20+ years. Currently Managing Partner of the IPG Media Lab and Chief Innovation Officer of UM Global

  • Accurat


    Accurat is a data-driven research, design and innovation firm. Where others see complexity, we see beauty. And value.

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